The Zanku Hadosho (斬空波動掌 Zankuu Hadoushou?, "Air Slash Surge Palm") is one of Oni's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

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Zanku hadosho

Zanku Hadosho

Executed in mid-air by performing a quarter-circle backwards motion and pressing punch, Oni fire a small burst of ki from his palm, propelling him in the opposite direction from it. Depending on which punch button is pressed, Oni can go in three different directions: light punch shoots backward (which propels him forward), medium punch shoots a burst downward (which propels him upward), and heavy punch shoots a burst of ki forward (which propels him backward).

Unlike most other moves, the EX Special version is only usable by the 'boss' Oni.

In Omega Mode, the normal Zanku Hadosho can only move forward, with the distance traveled determined by the punch strength. The EX version can now be used by the player, and pushes Oni backward.


As well as giving Oni greater maneuverability in the air, the Zanku Hadosho is also an attack which can damage the opponent: Oni can thus use it as a way to poke at the opponent's defenses while also moving away from attempted counterattacks. Oni cannot use any other attacks during a single jump, as punching or kicking during a jump and then attempting a Zanku Hadosho will result in failure.

Advanced TacticsEdit

However, Zanku Hadosho can be followed with another attack; the light and medium versions of Zanku Hadosho can be special canceled into the airborne Tatsumaki Zankukyaku. The Tatsumaki takes on a unique trajectory then, in that it drops straight down, which can make for some tricky cross-ups.

All versions of the Zanku Hadosho can be Super Canceled into Oni's aerial version of the Raging Demon; uniquely, they can also be canceled into Oni's Messatsu-Gozanku. Both options make for good hit confirms into big damage.


Zanku Hadosho Shenanigans by glitchIA

Zanku Hadosho Shenanigans by glitchIA

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