This is a list of quotes used by Zeku.

Street Fighter VEdit

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Character Selection Edit

  • "Allow me a moment to entertain you."

Intro Edit

  • "Lets party! If you think you can keep up."
  • "C'mon and fight me. Now!" (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "Allow me to assess your skills." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "I'm still on the active service roster." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "My Bushinryu skills are great! Pay attention!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Critical Art activation Edit

  • "Now, watch and learn!" (Old mode)
  • "Time to end this!" (Young mode)
  • "This is Bushinryu!"

Round Victory Edit

  • "You need to pay attention" (Old mode)
  • "You chose the wrong opponent." (Young mode)
  • "Such playthings are unnecessary." (Perfect; Young Mode)
  • "I underestimated you." (Old mode, low health)
  • "It's retribution." (Young mode, low health)

Round Loss Edit

  • "I've gotten too old..." (Old mode) (chip KO)
  • "Damn... you..." (Young mode) (chip KO)

Taunt Edit

  • "Zeku is my name." (Old mode)
  • "This is Bushinryu!" (Young mode)

Idle Animation Edit

  • "Looks like I'll have to train you. Don't waste your breath." (Old mode)
  • "Shiki soku ze kū, kū soku ze shiki" (色即是空、空即是色 Phenomena are emptiness, emptiness is the phenomena). (Young mode)

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Not peak nor valley. A good balance lies within. Strive for equity."
  • "A thousand battles. And, a thousand victories. Know thy enemy."
  • "Even a long life, is but a moment in time. Waste not, precious time."
  • "Youth, all but fleeting. Time, in the blink of an eye. Wait not, and waste not."
  • "Drink wine from a cup. Be it stone or diamond. The flavor, unchanged."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Rampage in anger. Quiet calm, your heart know not. Friends, we cannot be."
  • "The large fish struggles. The pond cannot contain him. The ocean awaits."
  • "A love for fortune. Fortune knows no love for man. A quick road to ruin."
  • "To find joy is bliss. To overindulge, madness. Balance, not flavor."
  • "A flower blossoms. Its petals wither and fall. Lovely, such is life."
  • "A strong man reformed... A violent past follows..."
  • "Wherever you go, go with all your heart, my friend. A journey most sound."
  • "The cherry blossoms may not be seen by all, but they are still beautiful."
  • "Body, not your own. But the soul is free to fly. Journey with the wind."
  • "All that lives, surely one day will decay, but this…is all nature’s choice."
  • "Form is emptiness, for this world is but fleeting. You too lack substance."
  • "Heart that seeks revenge. Cold, is thy retribution. Forgiveness, is warm."
  • "A daily lesson. Meet a new you, everyday. Such is growth, young lass."
  • "Suffering is pain. In pain, you will not find joy. Your sadness, profound."
  • "To know death is to know life."
  • "Your wards know thy hand. A fair maiden’s lovely smile, shall strike the heart true."
  • "Bold though you may be, caution, throw not to the wind. A steady flame burns."
  • "Once I have beheld. Maiden of a frozen heart. Saddest sight to see."
  • "Oh, spicy flower. Full of zest and love of life. Dangerous temptress."
  • "Consider in private; report in public."
  • "A steady hand guides. Inspiration comes from love. Truly, you lack both."
  • "To gaze at the beyond. You will not see what is near. Life, fleeting fancy."
  • "That which lives, must die. Death, we are reborn anew. Your soul, trapped between."
  • "Beast that knows no bounds. Appetite for destruction. Impossible life."
  • "Young and full of life. The future, still a long road. My heart, envious."
  • "Wealth, for lack of want. A curious soul travels. What do you seek, friend?"
  • "Oh weary warrior, your strength lies within your soul. Friends help guide the way."
  • "To stave off conflict, you must first clear your own heart. Examine yourself."
  • "To care for subjects. The duty of all good kings. You honor no one."
  • "Everywhere, truly. Beauty is found in all things. Your mask blinds your sight."
  • "Warrior and mentor. A heart most noble and true. Muscles formed of steel."
  • "Thy harshest critic, lies from within...face thy faults. To others, show grace."
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