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Zen and Singh are two characters from the Street Fighter series who were introduced in a profile on the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute.[1] They are two brothers who originate from India.


Zen (ゼン Zen?) is a famous Indian actor that is good at fighting, dancing, and singing. His skills and sweet smile captivated women all around the world, and he appears in more than 30 movies per year. He originally worked as a car salesman. As a fighter he can punish scoundrels with anything close to him. He is an old friend of Zangief.[1]

According to the Street Fighter V Aprils Fools page, he was the first director of the film The Eternal Ganga.


Singh (シン Shin?) is Zen's younger brother, who works as his manager. Originally he was a kushti wrestler, but a foot injury forced him to retire. Although no longer a fighter, he is still strong enough to kill a violent water buffalo with a single strike. He has a sincere and simple personality. He has a good relationship with his brother and is working hard to be in a three-legged races.[1]


  • Zen was created by Takayuki Nakayama, the director of Street Fighter V, in response to an alleged leak of the game's final roster which stated that a character named "Zen" would appear. Nakayama found this amusing, and created the character to be on the Shadaloo C.R.I. website, stating "I thought it was funny when a character called 'Zen' started blowing up all over the internet, so I created this Indian guy called Zen. He won't be in the game."[2]