The Zesshou Hohou (絶招歩法, Zesshou Hohou? "Suppressed Approaching Law"), also known informally as the "Lunge Punch", is one of Yun's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series. Yang used this move until getting the Tourouzan from 2nd Impact onwards.

The name of this move is an expression used for "walking forward without stepping".

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Hitting Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.
Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Yun leans forward with a prior step and lunges toward the opponent, following fist-first, in a leaping stride. The distance of the lunge is determined by the punch button pressed: a heavier punch button means longer distance with bigger startup and recovery time.

The EX Special version has the longest startup, but makes up for this by travelling the entire way across the screen extremely fast, thus covering the distance in a fraction of the time.


All versions of the attack cover distances very quickly and are extremely useful during Yun's Genei Jin technique for repeatedly juggling the opponent. However, as a "forward-sliding" move in terms of hitbox, using the Zesshou Hohou recklessly without proper timing and spacing can easily get Yun punished after this move is blocked or properly dodged in some way, and thus is only best used as a combo finisher or during his Genei Jin (outside of that it usually has to be spaced at maximum distance).

The best way to hit someone with it out in the open is to be well-aware that the next action they perform can easily be counter-hit-punished by a Zesshou Hohou out in the open. Even then, having it done out in the open outside of combo finishers doesn't lead into anything else other than a gap-closing knockdown to setup a form of wake-up pressure.


  • This technique is used by Kirei Kotomine in Fate/unlimited codes, a Type-Moon product published by Capcom.
    • It is also used by the character Shenlong from the Bloody Roar series with the same motion/input under the name Zesshou Jakeiken (絶招蛇形拳, Zesshou Jakeiken? "Suppressed Approach Snake Form Fist), which is a fighting game series developed by 8ing/Eighting (also the developers of the aforementioned Fate/unlimited codes).
  • A similar attack, the Sen Shippo (箭疾歩, Sen Shippo? "Arrow Rapid Step"), appears in many other fighting games, and is executed similar to this attack (with the leading fist used instead). The move is used by characters such as Sie Kensou from The King of Fighters, Tung Fu Rue from Fatal Fury, Miyako Arima from Melty Blood, Jin Long from the aforementioned Bloody Roar series, and Shūhei Hisagi in Bleach: Dark Souls. Another variation of it is also done by Gato from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, to which the variation itself is known as the Totsuga (突牙, "Thrust Fang").


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