Zoltar (ゾルター Zorutā?) is M. Bison's top henchman in the anime series Street Fighter II V.





Zoltar serves as Bison's right-hand man and chauffeur, holding secondary command over Bison's forces. In addition, Zoltar appears to be one of Bison's top scientists, as it is he who informs Bison of the details regarding the microchips used to control Ryu and Chun-Li's minds.

Zoltar usually does nothing more than remain at Bison's side throughout the series and report several major occurrences to him. However, in the final episodes, he is subdued by a Somersault Kick from Guile, and is briefly knocked out until Bison rudely wakes him up. Bison has Zoltar order the total evacuation of their base in Barcelona for the base in Cambodia, since Guile and Nash's presence in their current base will likely mean an attack by the authorities. Zoltar offers to prepare Bison's private transportation, but the warlord refuses, preferring to stay behind to battle Ryu and Ken personally, and orders Zoltar to leave. Zoltar's fate following Bison's apparent defeat remains unknown.


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