The Zweitrit is one of Falke's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MKick>Arcade-Button-HKick

Description Edit

Executed by pressing Medium Kick, followed by Heavy Kick, Falke delivers a low round kick to her opponent's shins. If the attack connects, she finishes the combo with a spinning side kick that launches her opponent in the air.

Tactics Edit


Falke gains access to this target combo, just prior to the release of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. It can be linked from her Standing Medium Punch. The range of her first attack is fairly decent. While her Standing Medium Kick can be cancelled into her special attacks for more damage, linking it with Standing Heavy Kick launches her opponent, allowing her a variety of follow-ups. She can dash forward and give herself excellent okizeme. Falke can also cancel the second hit of Zweitrit into one of her special moves, including V-Trigger to extend combos.

However, the most efficient follow-up for this target combo is by linking it with Falke's second V-Skill to perform Psycho Seele. This allows her to freely place a Psycho Mine on the screen while her opponent is recovering. Falke still has frame advantage, even if they quick rise. Having the mine on the screen enhances Falke's defense and offense capabilities. She can hide behind the bubble like a pseudo-wall to approach the opponent and detonate it with a Psycho Powered normal or special move as they try to counter. On the other side, she can use her attacks to combo her opponent into and from the mine, creating more combo routes and optimizing damage potential.

Like many target combos, Zweitrit is unsafe on block. If the second attack is blocked, Falke cannot cancel into any more her moves. While this target combo allows Falke to maintain pressure, the overall damage is significantly less.


Trivia Edit

  • Zweitritt in German means "two step".
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